The basin

The Calais Port will have an additional basin over 90 hectares
to accommodate increasingly large ships

The breakwater will surround the basin and protect from the currents, swells and storms. The basin will allow 240 m long ferries berthing and operating but also other types of vessels exceeding this size. The basin will have several turning areas allowing several vessels to operate together.

The port is to be built for the very long term and the basin shape and depth are planned to accommodate more comfortable and higher capacity vessels consuming less energy. These ships are still to be built but will allow Channel shipping companies to cope with traffic growth while streamlining their fleet.

Vessels coming in and out of the basin are managed by the harbour master house. In Calais Port, the ferry traffic overcomes the tides and is accessed at all times of the day without being delayed by crossing locks.
The basin will regularly be dredged in accordance with drafts of vessels in any tidal range condition.

The depth of the basin will range from 9 to 11 meters and the dredged sand will build platforms ; the entrance/exit may be dredged down to -13 m.