Société des Ports du Détroit as Project Company must control
that safety standards are met for the future port users and workers.

Each employee receives a half day training to ensure that basic safety rules are known and followed, and according to integration of subcontractors, the Project Company conducts inspections to show the site, public aid points, …

A badge is required to enter the site as the access is regulated. Badges are issued on the basis of an identity verification procedure.

Each construction company has its own prevention and safety department and companies have legal obligations such as :

  • Providing Individual Safety Equipment
  • Establishing safety rules to be respected
  • ​Conducting training sessions

Safety performance is measured with both :

  • Frequency rate : the number of accident (s) per hour worked,
  • Severity rate : the number of consecutive days off for each accident.

The discovery of military objects such as shells and bombs from the Second World War is one of the identified risks before starting the construction. Prior to starting dredging and earthworks, a magnetic drilling campaign was conducted highlighting magnetic targets : objects made of metal were picked up with appropriate means, and in this case, an armored excavator.

Of course all these targets were not bombs ; an old anchor, metal waste, but also shells were discovered. Then demining teams treated these military objects to make them harmless either by disarming them or making them explode.

This is an example of the essential daily prevention.