Calais Port 2015 works will be all different, sometimes impressive as dredging, most often very technical gathering various skills and using a wide range of construction equipment.

The construction joint venture brings together the expertise of maritime works, Civil Engineering, Road and Building Construction.
Blocked to the West by the city, to the East by protected natural areas and to the South by an industrial area, the Port of Calais could only extend to the sea. The road access will have to be rearranged without disturbing the port current activity. The project consists in building a breakwater over about three kilometers, then conducting earthworks by dredging the future basin bottom and using dredging material to build new platforms reclaimed from the sea by storing them behind temporary breakwaters.

The breakwater construction will be
the guideline of the Calais port extension.

This breakwater is the project critical path and will be built for the duration of the construction works. During this period, different building phases will successively be achieved by the construction joint venture for infrastructures and equipment for customers and operators.