3 ferry berths of high capacity

Ferry berths will be designed to accommodate future vessels of 240 meter long, 36 meter wide and 7 meter draft. Even larger ships may be accommodated by adapting on the very long term the berth length and the fender ability.

The berth length has shields for completely safe berthing of boats equipped with or without protective belts. The berths are equipped with 150 ton bollards with a 25 m minimum distance between each with two mooring lines on the same bollard if required.

  • Berths P11 and P12 located in the Northern terminal will have a structure on piles supporting a reinforced concrete slab. 
  • Berth P10 located in the Southern terminal will be flexible for the ferry rear and have a pile berth at their front.

This flexibility design offers the advantage to absorb the energy of a fortuitous shock.

Ferry berths will have double-deck linkspans in the axis of the terminal exit infrastructures to improve the unloading speed. A passenger gangway will be set up in front of berths with a lateral mobile and extensible system to allow contact with the boat