In early September 2018 two bridges were completed (OA 1 and OA 2) and put into service to allow start of OA 7 works, a cut-and-cover trench that will provide direct access for passenger vehicles to the motorway around the port at the exit of the future cross-Channel terminal.

In order to maintain the port of Calais accesses capacity,
the implementation of this deviation to continue the site works was a real challenge.

The possible solutions were the subject of many exchanges between all stakeholders: the Design and Construction Joint Venture, the Port of Boulogne Calais, the Hauts-de-France Région, the City of Calais and state services. The selected option meets several requirements:

  • open the new diversion road to traffic after the summer period,
  • limit this deviation in time to provide additional capacity at the end of 2019,
  • provide the port and the works site with a sufficiently large service with secure flows​

Access from and to the motorway around the port has therefore been modified. This achievement was designed to minimize the impact on the flow of vehicles: Traffic coming from the ring road will thus benefit from two to three lanes to access the port and the city center, while heavy goods vehicles coming from the Eastern Port and the city center will be directed towards the ring road via a new ramp.

Diverting traffic
No.1 and No.2 engineering structures being prepared
Diverting traffic via No.1 and No.2 engineering structures
The diversion is opening
The diversion is operational