Marine signaling

Calais Port 2015 project often focuses on the 45 hectares of land reclaimed from the sea. It should also be remembered that the project includes a 200-hectare water basin, 90 of which are navigable.for phase 1 (150 hectares in the future).
During the construction period, the so called “Commission Nautique Locale” met to gather the Port maritime users’ opinions to define together with the Harbor Master’s Office, the spatial organization and the beaconing equipment type allowing the guidance of boats in the new basin. The Port of Calais will indeed have the particularity of two maritime entrances side by side for the old and the new port.
At the entrance to the basin, two beacons on piles will define the entrance to the “path” at the bottom of each pier, the harbour entrance regulation lights will be positioned in a very visible way on the bullnose and the breakwater will also have a visual marker at its Eastern end (allowing the alignment of boats in the channel). The basin will be equipped with spars which may or may not be equipped with beacons delimiting the navigable zone.
The construction consortium carries out the studies as well as the civil engineering and pile driving operations and the Hauts-de-France Region is in charge of the acquisition and installation of the maritime signaling devices.