The breakwater is a unique place to be in contact with nature.
It is currently busy with construction machinery and will later become
a privileged site to watch birds and marine mammals.

Specific meetings with involved ornithological associations were held on the design of this observation platform:

  • the Nord - Pas-de-Calais Ornithological and Naturalist Group (the so called GON : Groupe Ornithologique et Naturaliste du Nord - Pas-de-Calais)
  • the Cap Gris Nez ornithological station
  • the Clipon (Association for the monitoring of seabird migration and the promotion of ornithology).

The observatory as imagined will allow a long-term monitoring of migratory phenomena with also a point of view allowing the observation of the entire inland basin as a whole.
It will be a raised area, about twenty meters long located at point 1014, i.e. about one kilometer from the coastline. A second observation post, about ten meters long, will be created at point 1137.


The above-mentioned ornithological associations will have access to this site
taking into account the regulations for access to the port area.