The central ridge

The central ridge is the axis dividing the platform in two parts:
On one side the port entrance and the successive checks, on the other side the pre-boarding car parks.
Travellers departing for England will pass under this structure after controls and move to one of the three parking areas facing the boats.

This central ridge is the traffic axis to the exit. It is therefore sized in such a way that several vessels can unload their cargo at the same time.

Long ramps in the axis of the three linkspans will allow vehicles to free the ferry decks quickly and fit into the flow in complete safety. There will be up to six adjacent lanes to the “France entrance”! The construction of the bridges to access to the ridge has started: reinforcement is in progress for some bridges while the most advanced have their deck cast.


No.5 and 6 bridges have a ramp with three lanes, one of which is reserved for the passenger vehicles flow, thus guaranteeing fluidity and safety for all future users of the Port.

The central ridge exit leads to several insertion routes on the port bypass, separating the flow of light vehicles (LV) and heavy goods vehicles (HGV).