The Xblocs®

The Xbloc® is a single robust concrete block with a high reliability in terms of breakwater structure construction. It also has an excellent structural integrity and a very high hydraulic stability. Molding and laying Xblocs® are easy and economic. The Xbloc® was tested, including tests on hydraulic models and structural testing.

Since 2004, the Xbloc® is used to protect breakwaters and coastal areas around the world.

The Xbloc® is a single-layer concrete block. Less concrete is used in Xblocs® with a 15 % concrete saving compared with other single-layer concrete blocks. This difference is due to the X Bloc® strong stability coefficient and the low density required for setting, both factors resulting in less concrete used. Laying the blocks is simplified as a good nesting does not require any particular orientation of the blocks which reduces both the building time and the total cost.

At last concrete products are heavy and expensive to transport. For Calais Port 2015, the construction job venture has offered to manufacture them on site, very close to their implementation. Xblocs® range from 4 to 10 m3 (or 10 to 25 tons each). In March 2016 the construction job venture built a factory on the Hoverport site with enough molds to produce Xblocs® up to twenty per day to keep the target time. An automated factory is under way next to the concrete plant that will significantly increase this rate.