The quiet area

A 1 hectare quiet area will be created at the Northern end of the platforms to aim at encouraging the nesting of species, and in particular:

    • The common ringed plover,
    • The Kentish plover,
    • The Eurasian oystercatcher,
    • The crested lark,
    • The Common wheatear,
    • The Little Tern

This area is raised two meters above the platform offering both types of facilities:

1. on the one hand, ripraps (for the nesting of the Common wheatear, and to provide wind protection)

2. eand on the other hand a gravelled beach for the nesting of the common ringed plover, the crested lark and other species.

It should be noted that throughout the construction process and works, suitable platforms were set up for the Little Tern nesting, 85% of the national population home in Calais area.
The breakwater will also have an observatory platform for the Ornithological and Naturalist Group of Nord-Pas-de-Calais to monitor these populations and have ideal viewing conditions out to sea.