The P11 and P12 berths are being completed

P11 and P12 berths are located on either side of a 300-meter long pier, each equipped with a link-span for vehicles.
This structure civil engineering is completed, the Rain Water Treatment Plant and the berthing shields are in place. The preparation of the equipment supports is completed to accommodate the mooring devices such as: bollards, capstans and drop hooks.
This “finger-pier” also allows future equipment installation related to ship bunkering (electricity or liquefied natural gas), or ship service facilities.
Asphalt was applied at the beginning of March to be followed by installation of the street lights and the marine signaling, and setting up the dockers’ shelters, the control panels, the drop hooks and also the optical fibre and the electrical boxes.
This structure will have been one of the most complex of the project, due in particular to its advanced positioning into the basin, just connected to the platforms by an 80 -meter bridge.