The lighting of an infrastructure project can be approached in several ways, both functionally and esthetically.
Particular attention is paid to platforms and roads, and studies are carried out in order to achieve a given lighting level but also an average flow. This is an essential aspect of the design because the stroboscopic effect, wich can be tiring and dangerous for users, must be avoided. The great majority of the project’s lighting will be calibrated at an average level of 30 and 40 lux with a uniformity coefficient of 0.4. Specific and reinforced treatment will be given to the work areas, particularly the ticket offices and the control areas. Every effort has been made to avoid the diffusion of light towards the sky.

  • From a landscaping point of view, the main bridges will be highlighted by ad hoc lighting and public car parks will be treated with appropriate care.

  • Another aspect to be integrated is that of scalability. In this sense, all the masts have the same crowns to accommodate new floodlights in the future.

  • Finally, from a functional and economic point of view, it will be possible to finely control this lighting according to needs thanks to the port’s operating systems, all the equipment is LED technology to limit consumption. Nearly 700 masts between 6 and 18 meters are currently being installed.