Big construction machinery for Calais Port 2015 major worksite


The EX 1900 was received at the construction site. This huge Hitachi hydraulic excavator weighs 280 tons, one of the biggest models in the world. It was specially made for Calais Port 2015 works site as a unique model : the crawler track width was reduced to 6.60 m to operate on the breakwater and its lifting capacity increased up to a 32-meter reach. The total length of the machine when its three-part arm is unfolded reaches approximately 40 meters allowing Xblocs® (up to 28,8 tons) to be installed at the breakwater foot bullnose. It is currently being prepared by highly qualified and experienced drivers before implementation. In addition to the usual commissioning maintenance, two systems are being installed:

  • The Posibloc® : allowing a direct view of the position of the Xbloc® being placed, in comparison with its theoretical location.
  • The Echoscope® : underwater sonar giving an underwater image of the Xbloc® and checking its position in relation to the others.

All this device is paired with a GPS on the machine to track its movements and equipment ones such as buckets, dropping system …