3260 meters !


The new basin entry is now drawn: the breakwater reaches its final point at 3260 meters with the bullnose at its end. All the staff working on the site met there and walked along these 3.26 kilometers as a symbolic event.

The 15 dump trucks, the 180 and 280 tons excavators will therefore stop their ballet which tirelessly followed the rhythm of the tides for 2 and a half years to transport 2.7 million tons of rockfill and 11,000 XBlocs© to be added to the 1,6 million tons of material brought by Jan De Nul by sea.

As the weather was mild, the breakwater works initial planning is ahead at this stage. But the work is not over and the civil engineering teams now build the seawall. The latest XBlocs© will then improve the stability of the shell.

Location of the lighthouse on the bullnose