24 ton Xblocs® !

Regarded as the emblem of Calais Port 2015 breakwater, the XBlocâ is manufactured on site.
Under the XB10 code name, the family gets bigger and the last little one is still the biggest. This 10 m3 precast concrete block is produced on site and weighs 24 tons.  The construction site achieves a world first by producing industrially 10 m3 units. They have been manufactured since 20th February 2018 and will mainly be used to reinforce the breakwater deepest part.
Up to now the structure consists of blocks of 4 m3 (10 tons), 6 m3 (14 tons) and 8 m3 (19 tons).

Nearly 10,000 units have been manufactured and a copy of each item sits opposite the factory.